A few weeks ago I placed an add in the local free paper to see if I was going to be able to get rid of these beauties. The add came out in the Thursday edition. That night I received a call from Skip who was determined to come and see Tazzi and Puff as soon as he could. He was out of town (from the hill country) so he made the trip into town on Saturday morning. He arrived via an early model wagon and backed into the driveway! There was never any question as to whether or not he was going to take them. After a quick look and too much talking we loaded the little blighters into his vehicle. Throwing an already filled out check at me, he sped off.

I know your as upset as I am about the loss. However, I got over it five minutes later when I realized; no more live food in the house; no more feeding the food. Lizards are cool, especially Bearded Dragons but having to maintain the entire food chain gets as old as the daily feeding/cleaning.

I will leave these Dragon pictures up as a reminder of both, why I liked them, and why I didn't.

Tazzi & Puff


King Tazz


Sun Worshipers!




Tazzi and Puff - The early years